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Case Study


Hotel & Restaurant Saves $47.5K

Chesapeake Beach, MD

Image of Commercial property for Hotel & Restaurant Saves $47.5K

$47,590 Policy Reduction

Solution Value: $47,950 in annual savings

NFE Solution: Insurance Consulting

A restaurant in Chesapeake Beach, MD was paying nearly $50k annually on flood insurance premiums & ended up realizing $47,590 in savings after working with NFE.

Our complimentary desktop engineering review identified data discrepancies between area data & policy details; this required a visit to the site to confirm our suspicions. Our field team traveled to Maryland to perform our Flood Expert Survey and returned the data to our engineering team, who dove into the details. The data confirmed our initial suspicions, resulting in a $47,590 reduction in their annual flood policy premium.

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Image of Multifamily property for Chicago Multifamily Dodges  $75k/year Bullet

$75K Lender Mandate Removed

Chicago Multifamily Dodges $75k/year Bullet - Chicago, IL

Our team flew up to the Windy City, gathered pertinent site-specific data, and successfully petitioned FEMA for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). With the LOMA in hand, the lender mandates were removed, and the client dodged a $75k/year bullet!

Image of Multifamily property for RI Affordable Housing Community Adds $142K in Property Value

LOMA Success Saves $8.5K/Year

RI Affordable Housing Community Adds $142K in Property Value - North Kingstown, RI

Learn how National Flood Experts helped an affordable housing community in North Kingstown, RI, increase the value of their property by $142,000, remove lender mandates for five buildings, and improve annual NOI by $8,500+. Through NFE’s comprehensive engineering review, flood expert survey, and advanced modeling services, five buildings were successfully removed from the high-risk “A” flood zone.

Image of Commercial property for National Hotel Portfolio Saves $53K in Premiums

$670K in Added Property Value

National Hotel Portfolio Saves $53K in Premiums - Miami & Marathon, FL

NFE's expertise helped a portfolio of hotels save more than $53K in flood insurance premiums and removed the lender mandates for 15 properties. Qualifying the buildings for Letters of Map Amendments also resulted in ≈ $670K increase in property value (assuming an 8% CAP rate).