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When working with development and land acquisition teams, the goal is simple: increase developable square acreage, reduce flood zone construction requirements, and eliminate builders' risk flood insurance requirements.


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Benefits of Flood Zone Removal

National Flood Experts can help reduce construction costs and streamline the loan process by eliminating drainage and retention ponds requirements.

As development pushes outward from major markets, FEMA flood zones are becoming more of a concern. Our team works with development and land acquisition teams early in planning to maximize development value and minimize future flood insurance costs.

We'll review your plans and provide solutions to mitigate potential costs. With our expert help, FEMA approval for flood zone removal can take weeks, saving time, avoiding permit headaches, and eliminating additional fees during occupancy. So don't let flood zones derail your project — contact National Flood Experts today.

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Image of Land property for Commercial Development Firm Wins Big in NY

$10K Saved & Headaches Avoided

Commercial Development Firm Wins Big in NY - Brooklyn, NY

An entire undeveloped lot was being pulled into the SFHA, creating permitting nightmare for the owners. NFE's engineering analysis pulled the ENTIRE lot out of the SFHA both NOW and when the pending preliminary map goes into force.

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