Flood Insurance Solutions to Increase Multifamily NOI

Lowering flood insurance costs can significantly impact your multifamily NOI. The cost of flood insurance is a significant operating expense for many properties. By eliminating or reducing these expenses, property owners can increase their multifamily NOI, boost property value, and improve profitability.


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Ways to Improve Multifamily NOI

  • Reclassification: Reclassifying your property out of the high-risk flood zone can lower the cost of flood insurance premiums and reduce the risk of flood damage.
  • Insurance Savings: Our engineers look at all aspects of the property and use engineering data to find additional savings within your current policy.

If you're a property owner concerned about the cost of flood insurance, National Flood Experts can help you improve your NOI with flood mitigation strategies.

National Flood Experts offers a free initial consultation to review the property and identify potential flood mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate flood expenses. Our review process is straightforward, and we only need three documents:

  • Elevation Certificate
  • Flood Declaration Page
  • Site Map

Because of the complexity of the process with FEMA to amend the flood maps and working to help reduce insurance premiums, our services are 100% guaranteed.

Overall, eliminating flood expenses can significantly impact the NOI of multifamily properties. By implementing effective flood mitigation measures, property owners can reduce operating expenses and increase profitability. If you're a property owner looking to improve your NOI and reduce flood expenses, contact a National Flood Expert to learn how we can help protect your investment.

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Image of Multifamily property for Wisconsin Multifamily Property Successfully Removed from SFHA

$175K in Added Property Value

Wisconsin Multifamily Property Successfully Removed from SFHA - Fond du Lac, WI

NFE successfully reclassified an entire Multifamily property in Fond du Lac, WI out of the high-hazard flood zone. Resulting in $11K year-over-year flood insurance savings and improving the property value by $175K!

Image of Multifamily property for MD Multifamily Property - $48K NOI Increase

$48,000 NOI Increase

MD Multifamily Property - $48K NOI Increase - Dundalk, MD

A 60 building property just outside of Baltimore, MD, saved $48,000 in flood insurance premiums after our engineering review qualified 11 buildings for removal from the flood zone, removing the lender mandate for flood insurance.

Image of Multifamily property for  Multifamily Property Adds $75K in Value

$75K in Added Property Value

Multifamily Property Adds $75K in Value - Texarkana, AR

Learn how National Flood Experts helped a client increase the value of their multifamily property in Texarkana, AR, by $75,500. Through NFE’s comprehensive engineering review, one building was successfully removed from the high-risk flood zone, eliminating the lender mandate for flood insurance and decreasing annual expenses by $4,500+ while also increasing property value.

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