Why Partner With National Flood Experts?

Real estate is a collaborative effort, and we want to be a valuable member of your team.

Expand Your Expertise With Our Flood Zone Solutions

It can be challenging to be an expert in all fields within the industry, so National Flood Experts is here to be a valued member of your team and add value to your clients, no matter your industry. Our team of engineers, flood insurance experts, and real estate professionals have an unmatched knowledge base that you can access.

We share the same objective as you, which is to help clients increase the value of their investments and achieve yearly cost savings through well-planned value-add strategies. We specialize in finding unique cost-saving opportunities for properties in FEMA flood zones required to carry a flood insurance expense.

Make Us Your Flood Zone Cost-Saving Partner Today

By partnering with National Flood Experts, we can collaborate and align our expertise in ways that help your clients and differentiate your organization. Ultimately, this should create more business and satisfied clients for everyone involved.

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Image of Land property for Commercial Development Firm Wins Big in NY

$10K Saved & Headaches Avoided

Commercial Development Firm Wins Big in NY - Brooklyn, NY

An entire undeveloped lot was being pulled into the SFHA, creating permitting nightmare for the owners. NFE's engineering analysis pulled the ENTIRE lot out of the SFHA both NOW and when the pending preliminary map goes into force.

Image of Multifamily property for Houston Multifamily Increases NOI by $33K

$33K NOI Increase

Houston Multifamily Increases NOI by $33K - Houston, TX

In total, NFE solutions resulted in $550,000 in added property value (assuming a 6% CAP Rate) and a $33,000 boost in NOI for a multifamily property on Bissonnet St in Houston, TX.

Image of Multifamily property for CA Multifamily Property Saves $86K

$1.7MM in Added Property Value

CA Multifamily Property Saves $86K - Vacaville, CA

We have MASSIVE savings for you from the Golden State in Vacaville, CA. Imagine increasing the NOI of your multifamily asset by $86,000 annually. What would that mean for the financial performance of your investment?