Flood Insurance Brokers

Discover multiple solutions for reducing flood insurance costs and offsetting increases in other commercial insurance lines.

Insurance is a hot topic in the real estate industry, and there are still ways to offset increased costs with savings on flood policies. Despite the historically commoditized nature of flood insurance, National Flood Experts has developed solutions to fight against mandates and reduce premiums even under NFIP's new Risk Rating 2.0 system.

Why Flood Insurance Brokers Should Work With Us

We’ll help find creative solutions to attract new business and uncover cost savings for your current clients. Our team combines our expertise and engineering background to provide an unmatched knowledge base for flood insurance brokers.

Let us be an extension of your team so we can help:

  • Find creative solutions to attract new business
  • Consult for unknown scenarios
  • Discover unique solutions to supplement your team's work
  • Uncover significant annual cost savings

With National Flood Experts, you can become your clients' flood insurance hero and deliver cost savings year after year.

View Other Case Studies

Image of Multifamily property for MD Multifamily Property - $48K NOI Increase

$48,000 NOI Increase

MD Multifamily Property - $48K NOI Increase - Dundalk, MD

A 60 building property just outside of Baltimore, MD, saved $48,000 in flood insurance premiums after our engineering review qualified 11 buildings for removal from the flood zone, removing the lender mandate for flood insurance.

Image of Commercial property for Commercial Property Saves $11K

$350K in Added Property Value

Commercial Property Saves $11K - Philadelphia, PA

Learn how NFE helped a mixed-use commercial property along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA save ≈$11K/year in flood insurance premiums and added $350K in property value by removing 6 of the 14 buildings from the flood zone through FEMA's LOMA process, all in less than 45 days!

Image of Commercial property for Hotel & Restaurant Saves $47.5K

$47,590 Policy Reduction

Hotel & Restaurant Saves $47.5K - Chesapeake Beach, MD

A restaurant in Chesapeake Beach, MD was paying nearly $50k annually on flood insurance premiums & ended up realizing $47,590 in savings after working with NFE.