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Case Study


Utah Property Successfully Reclassified to X Zone

Hurricane, UT

Image of Land property for Utah Property Successfully Reclassified to X Zone

5 Bldgs. Reclassified from SFHA

Solutions Found:


Flood Expert Survey

NFE Solution: LOMA; FES

A Hurricane, UT property owner reached out to National Flood Experts to explore what solutions might be possible for her duplex property impacted by the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

NFE's engineering team conducted the initial desktop review, which confirmed the high likelihood that the existing structures and plot of land would qualify for removal from the SFHA through a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). Due to the complex and understudied nature of A-Zones and to fully confirm the solution, additional property-specific data was required. The Client agreed to have NFE perform a Flood Expert Survey (FES) of the property. NFE's in-house Field Experts visited the property and meticulously collected all required data. After thoroughly reviewing the new data, and completing complex modeling, NFE's engineers qualified the entire property for a LOMA.

The project required two submissions to FEMA and responses to several RFI’s - our expert team handled it all with composure and ultimately the two LOMA submissions were approved - removing 5 buildings and the parcel of land from the SFHA and into an X Zone. Not only do the LOMAs release lender-mandates for flood insurance but any future renovations will not be restricted by FEMA’s 50% rule - a major win!

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