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In the Zone with Brian Ferguson, Founder & Managing Partner, Fergmar Enterprises

Published on September 18th, 2023

Updated on September 20th, 2023

This episode of In the Zone features Brian Ferguson, Founder and Managing Partner of Fergmar Enterprises. Brian, an 18-year real estate veteran, shared how partnering with National Flood Experts (NFE) has added significant value to their real estate portfolio.

Based in Victoria, TX, Fergmar Enterprises has evolved from fix & flip houses to new construction, land development, and long-term holdings, including multifamily properties and retail strip centers. They've focused on syndication and collaborating with investors in the past two years.

The timing of meeting Brian at a multifamily real estate conference couldn't have been more serendipitous as they had recently experienced headaches and unexpected expenses dealing with inconsistent flood zone determinations and lender requirements during a deal closing.

Brian shares that working with NFE Account executive Michael Johns was extremely easy, and Michael's communication was 10/10 from start to finish. To date, NFE has uncovered savings on every property reviewed for Fergmar, resulting in an NOI boost for six properties in their portfolio, and we look forward to future projects with the Fergmar team.

Brian leaves us with some invaluable advice for fellow investors:

  • Involve NFE during the underwriting process for new deals
  • It's a no-brainer to review any property currently incurring flood insurance expenses
  • Incorporate NFE into due diligence for properties where flood insurance could come into play.

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