In the Zone Project Spotlight Highlights

Published on January 29th, 2024

Updated on January 30th, 2024

Dive into the success stories our clients shared while teaming up with our #floodexperts! Hear from:

🔹 Fred Spataro, CRO at URBY, discussing $200K+ in savings and $3Million+ in added property value across URBY's portfolio.

🔹 Payton Duvall, Transaction Coordinator at Patriot Holdings, shares how NFE worked with their team to remove lender flood insurance mandates for a Vermont self-storage property.

🔹 Jason Balara, CEO at Lark Capital, on how NFE's solutions not only brought annual savings but also positively impacted property marketability during sales.

🔹 Chip Young, Risk Manager at 84 Lumber Co., highlighting the seamless experience working with NFE and the impactful solutions across their nationwide property portfolio.

Discover how we can assist with cost-saving #floodinsurance solutions, enhance property value, and boost #NOI for your #floodzone properties. 📊

A massive thank you to our clients and partners for generously sharing their first-hand experiences with #NFE. Your valuable contributions continue to empower #RealEstate leaders and experts seeking cutting-edge cost-saving strategies.

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