Case Study


Industrial Warehouse | 93% Policy Reduction

Berkeley, MO

Image of Commercial property for Industrial Warehouse | 93% Policy Reduction

$13K in Annual Savings

Solution Value: $13,000+

NFE Solution: Insurance Consulting

We helped save Berkeley, MO, industrial warehouse owners save $13,000+ in annual flood insurance premiums.

Our team reviewed area data & documents provided by the client to identify a high likelihood of savings. After a trip to the site to complete a Flood Expert Survey, our engineers confirmed the data and worked with the client's insurance broker, ultimately reducing the client's policy from $14,000 to less than $1,000 per year.

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Image of Condominium property for Condo Association | $10k in Savings

$73K premium increase avoided!

Condo Association | $10k in Savings - Sarasota, FL

A Condo HOA's premium was set to increase from $17,000/year to potentially $90,000+; our team qualified a scenario that resulted in a premium of only $7,000/year.

Image of Commercial property for Lahaina, HI Property Saves $73K

$73K NOI Increase

Lahaina, HI Property Saves $73K - Lahaina, HI

In gorgeous Lahaina, HI, on the island of Maui, our team identified ≈ $73,000 in cost savings for a commercial property less than a stone's throw from the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Image of Commercial property for Maryland Yacht Club Saves $23K

$23K in Premium Savings

Maryland Yacht Club Saves $23K - Annapolis, MD

A Yacht Club in Annapolis, MD was alerted by the NFIP that their flood insurance policy was being non-renewed & they were shocked when the private carrier quote came in at $30,000+ annually. Their Insurance Agent called National Flood Experts to see if we could assist & our team went to work and provided $23K in Premium Savings.