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Case Study


$130K+ in Added Property Value Across TX Portfolio

Multiple, TX

Image of Residential property for $130K+ in Added Property Value Across TX Portfolio

$8K in Insurance Mandate Removed

Solutions Found:

Flood Expert Survey


Solutions Value: ≈$8K in Flood Insurance Mandates Removed, Adding $130K+ in Property Value

NFE Solutions: FES (Flood Expert Survey)

LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment)

After meeting at the Houston multifamily Investor Network Conference, National Flood Experts (NFE) helped a Victoria, TX, based real-estate firm add over $130K in property value by reducing their flood insurance premium by $8K across several properties.

The Client had concerns about the impact of the FEMA flood zone on their multifamily, residential, and commercial properties across Texas and wanted to explore options to reduce flood insurance premiums and increase the value of their properties. After the complimentary desktop engineering review, the engineering team recommended Flood Expert Surveys (FES) to gather additional property-specific data to maximize potential savings for each property. Following the FES work, we were able to successfully qualify several properties for Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA), which helped the client save over $8K in flood insurance premiums.

The results didn't stop there as the solutions added over $130K in property value.

Thanks to NFE's in-depth analysis, the Client was able to reduce their flood insurance premiums and add value to their property. The Client was pleased with the result and was grateful for NFE's dedication to uncovering cost-saving solutions.

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Image of Multifamily property for Houston Multifamily Increases NOI by $33K

$33K NOI Increase

Houston Multifamily Increases NOI by $33K - Houston, TX

In total, NFE solutions resulted in $550,000 in added property value (assuming a 6% CAP Rate) and a $33,000 boost in NOI for a multifamily property on Bissonnet St in Houston, TX.

Image of Multifamily property for Houston Multifamily Property Saves Over $31K in Premiums

$500,000 in Added Property Value

Houston Multifamily Property Saves Over $31K in Premiums - Houston, TX

Learn how NFE's Flood Expert Survey helped a multifamily property in Houston, FL achieve LOMA compliance, remove additional buildings from the flood zone, save over $31k in flood insurance premiums, and increase property value by $500k.

Image of Commercial property for Maryland Yacht Club Saves $23K

$23K in Premium Savings

Maryland Yacht Club Saves $23K - Annapolis, MD

A Yacht Club in Annapolis, MD was alerted by the NFIP that their flood insurance policy was being non-renewed & they were shocked when the private carrier quote came in at $30,000+ annually. Their Insurance Agent called National Flood Experts to see if we could assist & our team went to work and provided $23K in Premium Savings.