National Flood Experts is the #1 resource for flood zone solutions nationwide. 

Based in Tampa, Florida, the vision of our engineering firm has always been to help enrich the lives of our staff and clients.  With a genuine pride in offering the most comprehensive and unique flood zone solutions, National Flood Experts has served our clients coast to coast by adding over $100 million in property value since 2014.   

We look forward to our specialized team of engineers and flood insurance experts sharing our experience with you to improve your property value and reduce your insurance costs.  


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The National Flood Experts team is made up passionate professionals with unparalleled expertise. We approach every project with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help you today!

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At National Flood Experts, we’re always looking for passionate high quality professionals to join our company. Contact us through our Careers Page to see if you’d be a good match for our team.

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Media Appearances

National Flood Experts on NBC Daytime

Our Founder, Brad Hubbard, talks to NBC Daytime’s Cindy Edwards about how to get a property removed from a flood zone. He dispels the myth that flood zone designations are set in stone and explains the different factors that often result in incorrect classifications.

National Flood Experts on That Business Show

Brad Hubbard talks to That Business Show about what the process of appealing a flood zone designation entails. He covers the information you’d need, as well as provides a step by step timeline, including who to contact, and how to get refunded for insurance already paid.

cashflow guys podcast

National Flood Experts on the Cashflow Guys Podcast

Brad Hubbard talks to the Cashflow Guys podcast about rising flood insurance rates, how FEMA determines flood zones, how to remove a property from a designated flood zone, and how much removing your home or business from such a zone will increase the property’s value.

Find out about our process and know what to expect.