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Top Reasons Why Property Floods Occur – Part 1

Floods are a natural part of almost any local ecosystem. Occasionally, rain, snowmelt, offshore weather systems will bring more water into an area than the usual drainage and river systems can handle and flooding occurs.

In developed areas like cities, neighborhoods, and farmland, we take the responsibility (and the consequences) of preparing for and managing the water that runs through our regions. It’s the job of architects, city planners, and anyone transforming previously wild land into cultivated land to think about how water will move through the properties. Elevation management, run-off channels, and reinforced waterways are vital to reducing the risk of flooding.

However, not all plans are perfect. Just like natural runoffs and rivers that can get overwhelmed by heavy rains or snowmelt, flooding in developed areas is very common even for properties that were intelligently designed. The most common causes of flood consist of a combination of overwhelming weather, human error, and the occasional insufficient safety measure.

In today’s blog post, we will share the top 2 things that cause flooding in developed areas. Check back next week for other top reasons why flooding occurs.

1) Heavy Rains

Forward-thinking architects and city planners develop their designs taking into account weather predictions based on previous records. This gives a clear idea of how much rain, runoff, and occasional riverbed flooding can be expected, and therefore, what to prepare for. However, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans.

When rain that goes well beyond the predicted inches of continual rainfall hit a region, many homes and commercial properties will flood because they simply were not designed to divert or hold off so much water. Whether it’s a 10-year storm or a 100-year storm, only the most diligently prepared or luckily placed properties will be guaranteeable safe.

2) Snow Melt and Overflowing Rivers

Of course, high water levels don’t always come from the sky. At least not directly.

Rivers run with clean water that almost always originates with a mountain. The snow on the top of the mountain piles up and melts every year, running off to form our nation’s rivers and streams. An especially heavy snowing season or an extremely warm and melty spring can cause rivers to overflow with fresh water. Heavy rain in a region upstream from your area can do the same thing.

When rivers and waterways overflow, homes and properties near the banks are at risk. Sometimes, flooding will occur simply because the ground nearby is saturated with water and it can seep in through basements and yards.

For more information about how to predict and prevent property flooding or a consultation on the flooding risks of your property, contact us today!

Check back next week for the continuation of this blog post…


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