Enrique Lairet, PE

Enrique is the Lead Engineer at National Flood Experts, where he gets to help people find flood insurance solutions by thinking creatively and looking to improve their current situation. If you’ve ever been around him, you’d agree he’s extremely energetic and passionate about solving engineering challenges and making a difference in the projects he’s involved in. He strongly believes that a can-do mentality is all that’s necessary to succeed, and this is how he approaches his goals.

He was born and raised in Venezuela, and in 2009, he had the good fortune of moving to the United States to live the American dream. He’s an avid triathlete (swim, bike, and run) and love being outdoors exploring nature. He’s a licensed Professional Engineer (FL, CT, AL, NC – with more States to come), and prior to joining National Flood Experts, he worked in Heavy Civil Construction and Structural Bridge Design.