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FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program is in Deep Water

How much money do you spend on flood insurance each year? If a natural disaster were to hit your hometown tomorrow, do you know what would be covered? Or are you making monthly payments only because your mortgage lender required you to carry coverage before approving your loan? It’s imperative to know whether you’re at […]

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What Does Your Flood Insurance Cover?

Whether it was Hurricane Andrew in South Florida, Katrina in Louisiana, or Irene in New York, the damage caused by floods can be devastating. When you’ve lost it all, it’s overwhelming to try to figure out where to start in your efforts to rebuild your life. This is why it’s imperative to take care of […]

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Flood Insurance Double Deductible Trap!

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One common misconception with flood insurance is people think they have one policy. The fact is that when you purchase a flood policy, you are technically buying 2 policies, one on the building, and one on your contents. Let’s look at an example for a typical home flood policy. You have a flood and file […]