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Top 10 Tips for saving money on flood insurance

Here are our top 10 tips by which you can save big in your flood insurance premium every year without risking your cover

If you don’t have an elevation certificate….get one!

If you have an elevation certificate, get a 2nd opinion.

I have been able to save people thousands just by correcting errors on elevation certificates.  Wrong Base Flood Elevations is usually the number 1 reason.  If you can lower the BFE by 3 inches, that can save you thousands per year on your flood insurance


If the flood zone has ever changed for your property, you can get rated at the earlier flood zone rating. You have to prove a few things, but if your home was built and it was an AE 20’, and now it’s AE 22’, instead of paying rates at 22 feet, you can pay them at 20, this can save a ton of money in certain scenarios.
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Flood Proofing and flood venting

Flood Venting

Proper vents on your enclosure or garage can raise the level your structure is rated at and save you thousands!

Flood Proofing

Flood proofing can cut your insurance premium by over 90% if you’re structure is commercial and built below base flood elevation!

Bring in Fill

This is a last resort solution. Sometimes it can be more cost effective to raise the entire structure to save money on insurance premiums every year.

Flood Zone Removal

This is our favorite, about 50% of all structures located in a flood zone can be zoned out! If you are currently in an A or AE zone, you could potentially have your building moved to an X zone and never required to carry flood insurance again. Or you can pay the preferred rates! Talk to a specialist to determine if this is an option!

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Increase deductibles

Just like with any insurance, increasing your deductibles will lower your premium if this is a risk you would like to take.

Private Flood

Private flood is available in most situations now and can sometimes be a huge difference in premium over NFIP. Ask your insurance agent if they offer it!

Shop around!

Flood insurance isn’t the same as other insurance, but finding a competent insurance agent can save you money on your flood insurance by utilizing the above steps and working for their client
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