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Record Rainfalls End Statewide Drought and Cause Additional Concerns

As recent as April of this year, our state was undergoing a severe drought that threatened our water supply. The lack of precipitation caused concern across Florida, as fires spread across counties. We were in a Twilight Zone of sorts, considering that we’re used to heavy rain almost on a daily basis during the summer.

But the past few weeks have regaled us with record rainfalls reminiscent to Noah and his famous ark. And the weather report is foreseeing additional water. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s safe to say our drought is over.

While these changes are good news to prevent additional fires, it raises other challenges, such as floods. Knowing this, you should review your flood insurance policy. Make sure you’re covered in the event of water damage.

What Makes the 2017 Hurricane Season Especially Dire

Although FEMA has always been an available resource in recovery efforts after a natural disaster, 2017 poses additional concerns:

(1) FEMA is in dire financial circumstances that threaten their ability to provide proper relief, and
(2) There is current legislation proposing increasing flood insurance rates.

This means you are less likely to receive adequate coverage if your property floods; even though you might be faced with higher insurance premiums. Therefore, it is crucial that you (a) review your policy and ask the right questions to your insurance agents to determine what exactly would be covered in case of a flood, and (b) be 100% certain that you actually need to make such payments due to a real threat, and you are not flushing money down the drain. National Flood Experts can help you figure it out. Contact us, and we’ll conduct a free evaluation.

If you do need to continue making payments, you can review whether you’re adequately protected. If you don’t really reside in a high-risk area, you’ll save money on future payments and get refunded for monies paid in the past year. Regardless of the results, it would be a win-win situation.

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