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Preferred vs. Standard Flood Insurance Policies

The Difference between Preferred and Standard Flood Insurance Policies.

Today’s blog is about the difference between Standard and Preferred flood insurance policies.  At least once a week I get a prospective client that I know I can get their home or business taken out of the flood zone, and their concern is “but, I still want to keep flood insurance.” My answer usually isn’t what they expect.  I tell them GOOD!  I want you to keep flood insurance.

Our goal at National Flood Experts is to get your home or business correctly rated with FEMA.  We want to get your buildings removed from the flood zone because we feel that you have a low chance of ever having a flood.  This doesn’t mean we don’t think you should carry flood insurance, we just want it to be your choice and want you to have the option to purchase a “Preferred Insurance Policy.”

This simple difference between the 2 policies is, preferred policies are only available to properties NOT located in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).  The SFHA is what people commonly refer to as the flood zone.

Preferred policies are set polices at set rates that cover you for EXACTLY the same perils as a standard policy.  Below are your options for a preferred policy:


Building & Contents 4 Contents Only 7
Coverage Annual Premium Coverage Annual Premium
Without Basement or Enclosure6 With Basement or Enclosure5 Contents Above Ground All Other Locations
$20,000/ $8,000 $137 $167 $8,000 $44 $66
$30,000/ $12,000 $173 $203 $12,000 $63 $95
$50,000/ $20,000 $233 $262 $20,000 $99 $136
$75,000/ $30,000 $276 $311 $30,000 $116 $160
$100,000/ $40,000 $308 $342 $40,000 $130 $179
$125,000/ $50,000 $324 $359 $50,000 $144 $199
$150,000/ $60,000 $346 $380 $60,000 $158 $219
$200,000/ $80,000 $380 $421 $80,000 $186 $242
$250,000/ $100,000 $405 $452 $100,000 $215 $266

Rates effective April 1, 2015

So if you are concerned about losing your flood insurance, I hope this sets your mind at ease and you can see which policy best fits your situation and the price for the policy after our services.

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1 thought on “Preferred vs. Standard Flood Insurance Policies

  1. I’m sick of Fema. My problem is i am surrounded by water in a x rated area not a highly rated flood zone. I bought my house in 2005. Because of my proximity to the water i opted in for flood insurance it was ease of mind at 450 a year. Well we had Irene then 3 years later Sandy. They paid me out twice. Still flood rated a X. Because I had two occurrences my flood insurance left the preferred rating and now in a standard policy still a X at 2500 with higher deductibles.

    The kicker is my neighbors none of them had flood insurance for Irene. They got paid as much as me from Fema and ran and bought flood insurance. What get me is since they were not insured there rates are still preferred and mine is not. So kick me in the ass for having flood insurance and nobody else did. Anything you thing can be done i really can’t afford this anymore. Thanks

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