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On the rise: flood insurance premiums: Property Owners To Pay More To Make Indebted Flood Program Solvent

If you missed it on the article in the Tampa Bay Tribune on BY JOSH BOATWRIGHT Tribune staff Published: April 4, 2015 here is a link to it

The first round of flood insurance premium hikes went into effect Wednesday for new and renewed policies. Rates will go up about 10% for primary homes, as much as 37% for secondary homes, commercial buildings.

Here is a Summary of the FEMA Changes.

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Flood insurance changes as Announced by FEMA

The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act passed by Congress last year slowed down the most dramatic premium increases for federal flood policies, but costs still will rise for homeowners who renew their coverage or get a new policy beginning this month. All National Flood Insurance Program policies Premiums for all policies will go up by an average of about 10 percent, though the rates will vary based on the age of the property, elevation and other risk factors.

Additionally, primary homes get a $25 surcharge while second homes and commercial properties get a $250 surcharge. Subsidized policies on older properties Primary homes built before the mid-1970s will see about a 14 percent increase on average with a hard cap of 18 percent for annual policy costs.

Second homes will see rate increases as high as 24 percent and total policy costs up to 37 percent, including all fees and surcharges.

Business properties will see similar increases.

Source: FEMA

You DO NOT have to experience these increases that is why you need to submit your property for review with one of our National Flood Experts we will let you know within 24 hours if your property qualifies to be rezoned and if you qualify for a refund of your National Flood Insurance Program Premiums.

Your next step

All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at 1 800-561-0396 to see if you qualify and send us some information on your property. We will review the information and get back to you with the results within 24 hours. This review is completely free. You only pay our flat fee once we conclude that your home can be removed from the flood zone and we proceed filing with FEMA.

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