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Never Underestimate A Hurricane

The storm will hit tomorrow. The local news projects a slow trajectory with winds under 100 miles per hour. Those accustomed to braving storms might say “Piece of cake! I’ll sleep through this one”. They might get a couple of gallons of water, throw some tape on the windows and scour the house for batteries.

Fast-forward to 24 hours later: The storm picked up speed and now you don’t have any time (or materials) to prepare for such a strong event. As you scramble around to do whatever you can with the limited time you have, you can only hope that your home holds up and your family and belongings are safe.

Never put yourself in this situation.

Even if there’s no flooding or major damage to your property, you still have to think about the aftermath. The next few days, weeks – and in some cases months – after a hurricane are difficult, uncomfortable and can test anyone’s patience. You can assure your family’s well-being and focus on helping others that were truly affected by the storm if your family is well-prepared.

ALWAYS Overestimate The Power Of A Hurricane

As hurricane season rolls around once more, our minds turn to what this year’s hurricane season might bring and how we can prepare for a possible disaster. Or does it? One of the biggest threats in any natural disaster is that people weren’t adequately prepared for it.

Hoping for the best is in many people’s DNA, especially when it comes to natural disasters. It’s a natural defense mechanism that allows us to carry on through dangerous and potentially life-threatening circumstances; thinking that everything will be alright. And hope is a good thing, in most cases. But not right before a storm.

Even when we find ourselves on the inevitable path of a hurricane, we still think that it could deviate at the last minute, that our homes are more secure than they actually are, or that the local news is sensationalizing the storm for the sake of upping their ratings.  

The best advice given as you prepare for a potential hurricane is: Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. And by worst we mean, prepare as if your life depended on it. Because it just might.

Ask anyone affected by hurricane Harvey, Maria, Irma or Katrina: You can never be too prepared for a storm.

To make sure you are adequately prepared for a storm, check out our supply checklist for hurricane season. Naples News a local news station in Florida also prepared this extremely comprehensive hurricane checklist, diving tasks by before, during and after a hurricane.

And remember to check your homeowner’s insurance coverage in case of natural disasters and to maximize your flood insurance coverage before hurricane season starts.

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