WGSN-DB Going Solo Network with Brad Hubbard

Apr 9, 2017

Host, Cece Shatz in WGSN-DB Business Showcase with Guest, Brad Hubbard, National Flood Experts from the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Personal Flood Experience along with PSA to Development Practices in Flood Zones.

Bay News 9 Interview

Sep 21, 2018

Bay News 9 Interview with Al Ruechel interviewing Brad Hubbard. An open discussion on the state of National Flood Insurance Program and it's problems, along with the future of the program in Congress. Brad directly addresses Florida’s history in the program along with the recent changes in policy and large storms like Irma in Florida and Harvey in Houston.

National Flood Experts on NBC Daytime with Cyndi Edwards

May 19, 2018

Cyndi Edwards interviews Brad Hubbard on NBC Daytime on the National Flood Experts and our review system. Brad dissects an impromptu case by one of the Account Executives on NBC Daytime, breaking down their insurance policy and using his experience to identify how the building was very likely rated in error and should be able to reduce their costs annually.

National Flood Experts on NBC Daytime with Jerry Penacoli

Sep 21, 2018

Interview with Brad Hubbard from National Flood Experts. Exploring what National Flood Experts can do for their clients saving money on flood insurance. Brad Explains the Free Flood Zone Audit for people to submit to our team for a deep review of their property.

REtipster Podcast with DJ McClure

Feb 27, 2020

Seth Williams does an in-depth interview with DJ McClure covering a wide range of Topics on Reading Flood Maps,Best Development Practices & Real Estate Investment. Flood Risk is both important to take account of, but it can also be seen a very real Investment Opportunity.

Rod Khalif Podcast with Brad Hubbard

Jan 6, 2020

Double Header Interview with Rod Khalif of the Lifetime CashFlow Academy and Brad Hubbard. After
Introductions, Brad dissects the property value
increase created by improving the Net Operating Income by the marginal changes we can make in the flood
premium. That value works its way from NOI into long run market benefits such as tenant slippage and even larger
capitalization rates on assets.