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How to Increase Your Home Value

Home, sweet home. The biggest asset for most families: A source of pride, family moments, and a place to relax. It’s also the source of many worries: Why are the pipes making that sound? Would these windows withstand a hurricane? What’s covered by  homeowner’s insurance? Do I need personal contents coverage?

Some of these concerns go hand in hand with inevitable costs (Yes, Toto. You might have to repair or replace your plumbing). But is there anything you can do in addition to regular upkeep and landscaping that would increase your property’s value?

Yes; there is. You could do a flood risk assessment to determine whether any circumstances have affected your chances of experiencing a flood.

Why should you do an evaluation?

First and foremost, because whether or not you’re required to carry flood insurance depends on whether the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has designated you to be in a high-risk flood zone. Just because you were in a high risk zone when you purchased your home, it doesn’t mean that it remains as such. Any changes in soil, surface waters, or environmental factors might have caused a change.

How would this increase my home’s value?

If your home is at risk of flooding, a buyer doing his or her due diligence will inquire about it. And would you want to buy a property that may flood when there are others without the risk? And maybe the do still want the home, but this knowledge gives them leverage to place a lower offer on the property. We’re not talking about being irresponsible here. You would need to conduct a comprehensive assessment to make this determination.

If you contact us, we’ll come right out to your home and do it for free. Yes, you read that right: For free. And if it turns out that your home can be removed from the flood zone, you can appeal your designation and even get reimbursed for your payments during the last year. So you have nothing to lose and money to gain.

And if it turns out you’re still in a high-risk flood zone, we can also help you determine whether you can obtain good insurance coverage for a lower price than what you’re paying now. Whatever your flood needs may be, National Flood Experts are here to help you.

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