At National Flood Experts, we make the flood zone removal process as easy as possible for you. We exhaust every option to save you money, and are able to find solutions others miss.

If you don’t have the required documents, we’ll get them for you. We’ll handle collecting all the data and filing all of the paperwork. And we’ll keep you updated through every step of the way.

Our goal is to help you save money while remaining as safe as possible. We only charge you for work when we determine that you qualify, and will never advise services that can’t help you improve your situation. And while we do not encourage anyone to not have flood insurance, we will show you all options that exist to get you solutions that best fit your needs.

Easy 3-Step Process


Obtain Flood Elevation Certificate

Step One: Get a current Elevation Certificate. You can obtain a copy from your insurance provider or mortgage lender. If your certificate is older than that, our surveyors will perform the survey and provide you with a digital copy.


Free Property Assessment

Step Two: Our certified experts will provide a free assessment to determine if your property can be successfully removed from the FEMA flood zone. Typically, we can complete the survey within a couple of hours. If you qualify for removal, you’d move on to the third step.


FEMA Application and Removal Process

Step Three: Our team will manage the entire FEMA Application and Removal process. The length of time will vary, depending on the property. We only start this step if we’re 100% confident that your property will be removed from the flood zone.

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What if you don’t qualify for flood zone removal?

No matter your flood insurance needs, we’ll work to find a way to save you money. If after doing our audit we determine that your property is at a high-risk flood zone, there are still alternatives to lower your flood insurance costs. Contact us today so we can review your situation!

save money

We’ve saved our clients over $4.4 million in flood insurance premiums.

Even if your insurance agent tells you that your property’s Elevation Certificate is not necessary, that doesn’t mean it can’t get you a better rate. We know what to look for and what will help.

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