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How To Get FEMA to Rezone Your Property

On our previous blog, we discussed how to determine whether you’re really required to carry flood insurance.

This week, we’re examining how to get your home or business rezoned if you own your property outright, but it is located in an area designated by FEMA to be in a high-risk flood zone.

There are several reasons you want to ensure you’re zoned properly:

• Insurance premiums tend to go up every year;

• Removing your property from a designated flood zone will increase your home’s value;

• If it turns out your home is wrongly zoned, you can get last year’s flood insurance payments refunded.

If your property has never been flooded before, it’s definitely worth it to have an inspection conducted to see if you’ve been wrongly zoned. National Flood Experts will inspect your home for free. If we determine your property is not in a flood zone, we can request a rezoning with FEMA, and we guarantee results by 100%.

You can get this process started by getting a copy of the Elevation Certificate for your property, and emailing it to [email protected]. You can get said certificate from your closing documents from when you bought your home, or from your insurance agent.

You could always bypass contacting us and going about it the long way, by determining your Base Flood Elevation (BFE) and your Lowest Adjacent Grade (LAG), then filing a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) with FEMA. The entire process could take you up to six months and it has to be done perfectly in order to avoid having to re-file corrected information, along with the associated fees.

If this letter soup sounds confusing, let National Flood Experts do it for you. You have nothing to lose by calling us, and a lot of money to save by getting rezoned.

7 thoughts on “How To Get FEMA to Rezone Your Property

  1. I went from requiring no flood insurance to the most expensive bracket. I do not live near a river or stream. How? How did I go from zero to 100? Given the topography around my house, half my town would be flooded before me. Even when we did have a flood in my town, this home was unaffected. Please help.

  2. We’ve lived in our home for 44 yrs.,have never had water or flood issues,was not notified that we had been Rezoned to a Flood zone until we listed our house for sale & the Realtor checked & told us.People wanted to buy until they saw that,have had to drop the price $30,000 so far.This has been a nightmare!

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      Are you still in this process? Can we help? Give us a call tomorrow and hopefully we can get this resolved for you!! 800-561-0396

  3. We have been living here for 9 yrs and only had a lot of water in the basement once but it came in from a problem around the chimney. I had Fema come out to see if we could get help and she said no because it is seepage and is not covered and no one else had any flooding in my area. They had done work for flooding on the pond and bridges near me. How do I get someone to review this area and how much will it cost?

  4. I bought some very cheap lots in central florida. I stood on the lots they looked high and dry. The whole area is just very high. Look at them with google earth. checked elevations with a topography map, but in the confusion and emotion forgot to check the fema maps.. closed cash. 2 of the 3 maps have a small shallow pond near by that apparently extends into them on the fema map.. one of the markers is so isolated only my lot and none of my neighbors is in the marker despite having the same elevation levels?? The pond looks maybe 30 feet wide in some spots and must be shallow. Anyways… just a rooky, dumb, emotional mistake on my part. I don’t think my cheap , cash closing disclosed any flood zone or elevation information. What does fema do to reevaluate? How expensive to fix this?

    1. Honestly, you’re situation is extremely common to our average case so don’t feel too bad. Just send us a Free Flood Zone Audit and try to give us as much detail as you can. If you have high ground on undeveloped land, especially in Central Florida, there is a very reasonable chance that we can do something to fix the Flood Zone. Just reach out to us.

  5. I don’t own the home, it is in my father’s name and he is deceased. I am paying the mortgage and he has flood insurance. The mortgage keeps going up and I don’t want to lose the house. I have lived here 6 years and never has it flooded. What do I need to do to get it rezoned so the insurance can be dropped?

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