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Florida Summers: A Storm’s Paradise

Look up at the sky for a moment. If it’s summer and you’re in Florida, there’s a high probability of seeing dark clouds announcing one of those nifty lighting storms we get almost daily during the hottest time of the year.

Depending on where in Tampa Bay you reside, this might mean perfect reading weather, or it may be cause for concern. South Tampa and Clearwater Beach, particularly, are no strangers to road closures due to flooding. Memes start appearing on social media, showing sharks poking out their heads while swimming down residential streets.

On Hermine and other stories…

If it’s a regular summer storm, it will pass just as quickly as it came. But if it’s something akin to tropical storms Matthew or Hermine, whom we had the pleasure of hosting last year, things can get serious, fast.

This is why, if you live in a high-risk flood zone, it’s imperative that you’re well prepared. If you’re new to the area and aren’t sure of what to expect, check FEMA’s flood maps by simply entering your address.

What if my neighborhood never floods?

For some Floridians, dealing with yearly floods is simply part of reality. Others are fortunate enough to know about these stories only when they read about them in the news. If you’re in the latter group, congratulations. You are very lucky. As such, you should be asking yourself, Why am I paying for flood insurance?

National Flood Experts can come to your home and conduct a free evaluation to determine whether you can file an appeal with FEMA to get you removed from an allegedly high-risk flood zone. Give us a call and see if you can put that money towards something more useful, like a kayak for when you can’t go for a run on Bayshore.

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