At National Flood Experts, we have reduced or eliminated flood insurance costs for about 90% of the businesses we’ve served. We also work on your own timeline to ensure you have the results exactly when you need them.

We start the process by reviewing the data on the Elevation Certificate for your commercial property. We look for any possible errors that would warrant removal from a FEMA designated flood zone. If necessary, one of our engineers will conduct a field review.

If we determine that removal from a flood zone is not possible, we evaluate all options for insurance savings, including grandfathering into an earlier flood insurance rate map, bringing in fill, or other mitigation options available, as well as verifying all possibilities through the private insurance market.

Commercial Products


Elevation Certificate

To evaluate your property, we need the Elevation Certificate. You can obtain a copy from your mortgage lender or flood insurance carrier. If you cannot locate it or if your copy is not legible, we can obtain one for you, as long as your residential or commercial property is located in Tampa Bay.


Flood Zone Removal

If we conclude that your property can be removed from a designated flood zone, we’ll take care of conducting all the paperwork required by FEMA for the removal process. Cost will depend on several factors, including the type of property and how monies refunded by your insurance company.


Flood Proofing Design

If we conclude that your property cannot be removed from a designated flood zone, we will provide a list of mitigation alternatives designed to lower your flood insurance costs. This includes venting in elevated properties or other floodproofing options and match you with a contractor.

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Easy 3-Step Process


Obtain Flood Elevation Certificate

Step One: Get a current Elevation Certificate. You can obtain a copy from your insurance provider or mortgage lender. If your certificate is older than that, our surveyors will perform the survey and provide you with a digital copy.


Free Property Assessment

Step Two: Our certified experts will provide a free assessment to determine if your property can be successfully removed from the FEMA flood zone. Typically, we can complete the survey within a couple of hours. If you qualify for removal, you’d move on to the third step.


FEMA Application and Removal Process

Step Three: Our team will manage the entire FEMA Application and Removal process. The length of time will vary, depending on the property. We only start this step if we’re 100% confident that your property will be removed from the flood zone.

Flood Insurance Placement

If you don’t qualify for removal of a flood zone, or if you do and would still like to keep
flood insurance, we’ll find suitable coverage at the best possible price.

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Customer Testimonials

“Their expertise saved my company thousands of dollars in past and future insurance premiums. They are professionals who give you quick answers and deliver results.”

Robin C. , Broward County, FL

“National Flood Experts quickly got two of our properties in two different states removed from flood zones. Their work saved us tens of thousands of dollars.”

Zachary G. Oseland, Austin, TX

“National Flood Experts are experts in their field. They will do whatever they can to make sure you have the appropriate flood designation for your insurance coverage!”

CJ Graves, Tampa, FL

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