If we determine that we are unable to get your property removed from a FEMA flood zone, National Flood Experts insurance uses in-house engineers and surveyors to review elevation and flood data on a property’s Elevation Certificate. This step alone has saved our clients millions of dollars in flood insurance premiums.

Our insurance experts then go through a 10 step process, including analyzing your Elevation Certificate for possible errors, recommending mitigation actions you can take to lower your flood risk, and running your property through multiple public and private carriers.

This is done to ensure you get the ideal flood insurance coverage at the right price. We do this for commercial and residential properties, as well as for condominiums.

What do we insure?


Homeowners Flood Insurance

We’ll run your property through our five step process to ensure you obtain the best coverage, at the best price. We do so by looking at your Elevation Certificate for possible errors, as well as look for grandfathering or flood mitigation options.

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Condominium Flood Insurance

Condominiums have different insurance requirements due to shared ownership of common areas. At NFE, we’ll get you a free quote that complies with Florida’s Condominium Act and saves you money.

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Commercial Flood Insurance

We’ve lowered the insurance premiums of about 90% of the commercial properties we’ve reviewed. We’ll run the information on your business’ Elevation Certificate with insurance carriers to find the best rate possible.

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Insurance Testimonials


“National Flood Experts had my home removed from the flood zone in only three days, just in time before my renewal. So I got last year’s premium back and didn’t have to pay the new bill.”

Manny M., Miami, FL


“Wow national flood experts got 4 of my properties out of a flood zone saving me over $5,000 a year in insurance!”

Jason Sulisufay, Seminole, FL


“For only $500, National Flood Experts got $700 of my escrow returned, $1,550 of my previous flood insurance premium, and my mortgage payment has dropped by almost $200 a month! Thank you!!”

Janice S., Seminole, FL

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