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FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program is in Deep Water

How much money do you spend on flood insurance each year? If a natural disaster were to hit your hometown tomorrow, do you know what would be covered? Or are you making monthly payments only because your mortgage lender required you to carry coverage before approving your loan?

It’s imperative to know whether you’re at risk. If so, what’s covered under your policy? What would be your responsibility in order to receive any monies? What would require additional coverage, such as personal contents insurance or all-risk insurance?

What if you don’t really need flood insurance?

Now, some people really do not need to cover flood insurance, since their property is located in a low-risk zone. It would serve your pocket right to do an evaluation to determine whether you can be let off the hook. This will save you money every year, and you might even be refunded for what you’ve paid in the past year.

What if you do live in a high-risk flood zone?

If you already know your home is at risk, you have something to worry about in addition to rising waters. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is in serious financial problems. If you think that FEMA would give you a helping hand, you might be in for a few unpleasant surprises. Currently, they are having problem paying for assistance related to incidents between 2005 and 2012. Considering that we live in Florida, surrounded by water, and with a yearly hurricane season, you need to pay close attention to this.

If you’re not sure in which category your home falls, you’ll want to figure it out before hurricane season hits in June. Contact National Flood Experts for a free evaluation. You have nothing to lose by calling us, and everything to lose by leaving it up to chance. Choose wisely.

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