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Taking a Look Back At The 2017 Hurricane Season

As the 2018 hurricane season kicks off, let’s take a look back at last year’s devastating season what it’s lingering effect could mean for this year’s season. Four Storms, Billions In Damages The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was the costliest season on record with a damage total of at least $282.16 billion (USD) in the […]

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Never Underestimate A Hurricane

The storm will hit tomorrow. The local news projects a slow trajectory with winds under 100 miles per hour. Those accustomed to braving storms might say “Piece of cake! I’ll sleep through this one”. They might get a couple of gallons of water, throw some tape on the windows and scour the house for batteries. […]

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What To Do When It Won’t Stop Raining

It just seems like it won’t stop raining lately. According to the National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI), record and near-record precipitation took place across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic during May. Flooding and mudslides were widespread across the region. Both Florida and Maryland broke their record for the wettest May ever. From Key West to […]

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How Are Flood Zones Determined?

Flood zones classifiy the probability an area has of flood risk. Many times, it’s not until someone is purchasing a house or are faced with an imminent natural disaster such as a hurricane, that they learn more about the flood zone of their property. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) operates the official flood hazard […]

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A Supply Checklist for Hurricane Season

Now that hurricane season is upon us, it’s time to check your supplies and make sure that you are prepared before a hurricane is announced. Follow this checklist on what to do to ready your home and what supplies to purchase to ready yourself. What To Do To Prepare for a Hurricane Use the NOAA […]

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Why Are So Many Structures’ Flood Zones Incorrectly Rated?

Homeowners are frequently baffled when they learn their property’s flood zone, or FEMA updates their area’s floodplain map. Their home is within a high-risk flood area, but when they look around they don’t understand why. Approximately 60% of structures are incorrectly rated in FEMA’s flood zone maps. This can cost homeowners thousands of dollars and […]